MD stipends available


The steering committee of the SFB/TR 209 decided to reward three MD stipends each year. Applications can be send any time.
For further questions and details please contact Dr. K. Woll.

Latest Issue of SFB/TR 209 Newsletter


Here is the first newsletter of our SFB as download version. It is planned to provide the newsletter on a regular basis, three times a year, in order to summarize the latest events and to keep everybody updated.


Events | Thu, Jan 10 2019

Series of events that is organized with the local newspaper "Rhein Neckar Zeitung".
It takes place on every second thursday of the month. On 10.1.2019 Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher will present our SFB/TR 209.

Lasker Award to Prof. Dr. Bartenschlager


Prof. Dr. Ralf Bartenschlager was honored with the Lasker-Award, the most prestigious prize for medical research within the USA.

Seminar by Dr. P. Dietrich

Events | Mon, Jul 23 2018

Lecture on "Function of microRNAs and novel microRNA-target genes in liver cancer" given by Dr. P. Dietrich from the Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg