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Prof. Dr. Peter Angel
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Signal Transduction and Growth Control Kostenstelle Cost center

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Tätigkeitsbeschreibung/Aufgaben Description of duties
Chronic inflammation is a main driver of the development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), one of the most frequent and dismal human malignancies. Employing mouse models of inflammation-driven cancer including squamous cell carcinoma and HCC, our Division has identified the receptor RAGE and its ligands, the damage molecular pattern (DAMP) molecules S100A8/A9 and HMGB1 as important players of chronic inflammation and cancer development. (Hummerich et al., 2006, Oncogene 25:111-21; Gebhardt et al., 2008, J Exp Med 205:275-85; Nemeth et al., 2009, Hepatology 50:1251-62; Wiechert et al., 2012, Cell Comm Signal, 10:40; Pusterla et al., 2013, Hepatology, 58:363-73).
The current project aims at analysing the function of the receptor RAGE in liver progenitor cells during acute and chronic liver damage, hepatitis and deveopment and progrssion of liver cancer. The candidate will apply gain-of-function and loss-of-function approaches in genetically modified mice and in vitro cell cultures to define the role of these molecules in chronic liver damage, inflammation, tumor cell formation and invasion using state-of-the-art transgenic and global gene expression technologies. This project is part of the DFG funded research consortium TR-209 “Liver cancer” (

Gewünschte Qualifikation/Profil Desired qualifications
We are looking for a highly motivated and ambitious Postdoc with a Ph.D. to complement our team. The candidate should have a strong background in molecular and cellular biology demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications and a strong interest in liver tumor biology. Excellent experimental and analytical skills in advanced cell culture techniques and mouse genetics including animal experimentation are mandatory.

Eintrittstermin: as soon as possible
Date of commencement Dauer, befristet bis: 2 years (with possibility of extension)
Period of contract: temporary to
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Die Stelle ist grundsätzlich teilbar. The post is open to job-sharing.

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