Nacht der Forschung in Heidelberg

Events | Fri, Sep 28 2018

Der SFB/TR 209 ist bei der Nacht der Forschung mit dabei! Wir freuen uns auf viele Besucher an unserem Stand.
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Seminar by Dr. S. Nahnsen

Events | Mon, Nov 05 2018

Dr. S. Nahnsen from the QuBic (Zentrum für Quantitative Biologie) in Tübingen will give a talk about "Data management in biomedical research: From data to discovery and back".

Seminar by Dr. D. Dauch

Events | Mon, Dec 03 2018

Dr. D. Dauch from the Institute of Physiology (University Tübingen) will give a talk about "Exploiting LXRalpha activation and altered lipid metabolism for cancer treatment"

Seminar by Dr. P. Dietrich

Events | Mon, Jul 23 2018

On July 23rd 2018 (17:15) Dr. P. Diedrich (Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) will give a talk on "Function of microRNAs and novel microRNA-target genes in liver cancer" in the seminar room of the Institute of Pathology in Heidelberg (seminar room 1.004)

Annual Retreat SFB/TR 209

Events | Wed, Jun 27 2018

Our first annual retreat took place on June 11th + 12th 2018 in Fulda.

Seminar series in Tübingen

Events | Thu, Jul 05 2018

Research seminars in Tübingen

Seminar by Dr. F. Kühnel

Events | Mon, Jun 18 2018

Lecture on "Oncolytic adenovirus-based strategies for viro-immuno-therapy of solid tumors" given by PD Dr. F. Kühnel from the Clinic for Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Endocrinology Hannover Medical School

Seminar by M. Heikenwälder

Events | Wed, Dec 05 2018

Deciphering inflammatory and non-inflammatory mechanisms driving liver cancer

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